Classes and Private Workshops
Want to take your photography to the next level?
Tried using Photoshop only to find it frustrating or intimidating?
Not using Lightroom to its fullest potential?
Want to take Photoshop to the next level with luminosity masks?
Let me help!
  • One-on-one classes and private workshops.
  • The focus is entirely on you and your individual needs.
  • Class and workshop times are based on your schedule.
  • Workshops include a 1-hour post-workshop Zoom session to review your images and demonstrate post processing techniques.
  • You'll receive reference materials from your class (if applicable).
  • Great value!

Private workshops

  Visiting Oregon and want a guided photography tour? I know many great locations not found in tour books.
Want one-on-one instruction to take your photography to the next level? Workshops are one of the best ways to learn photography. Private workshops focuses the attention entirely on you!
  • * $70/hour - 2 hour minimum (within 50 miles of Portland, OR)
  • * $95/hour - 2 hour minimum (50-100 miles from Portland, OR)
  • $TBD - longer distance or multi-day workshops
  • * I DO NOT charge for travel time - just instruction time
  E-mail me at discoverthelightphotography @ gmail.com
(remove spaces before and after @) to arrange a private workshop.

Photoshop Classes

Class I - Getting Started in Photoshop
  • Setting up Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Photoshop panels
  • Photoshop workspaces
  • Photoshop essential tools
  • Zoom and pan controls
  • Brushes and colors
  • Layers
  • Channels
Class II - Selections, Masks and Adjustment Layers
  • Masks (create, modify and manage)
  • Selections (create, modify, save, and load)
  • Adjustment layers (curves, levels, hue/saturation, vibrance, brightness/contrast, color balance)
Class III - Exposure Blending
  • Field considerations for exposure blending
  • Blending two exposures
  • Blending three exposures
  • Raw Smart Object exposure blendings
Class IV - Unleash the Power of Smart Objects
  • Smart Objects explained
  • Advantages of Smart Objects
  • Disadvantages of Smart Objects
  • Creating Smart Objects
  • Types of Smart Objects
  • Smart Object transformations
  • Smart filters
  • Smart Object exposure blending
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Lightroom Classic - Essentials and Advanced

  Essentials Advanced  
  • Two 2-hour classes (only $70).
  • Designed to give you the essential tools and techniques needed to get started in Lightroom.
  • Lightroom architecture and interface.
  • Setting up Lightroom.
  • File organization and keywording.
  • Backing up the catalog.
  • The Import process.
  • The Navigator panel.
  • Rate and filter photos.
  • Introduction to the Develop module.
  • Two 2-hour classes (only $70).
  • Basic panel - white balance and tones.
  • Tone Curve panel.
  • HSL Panel - working with color channels.
  • Transform Panel - correct distortion.
  • Lens Corrections panel - remove chromatic abberations, apply lens profiles, and remove color fringes.
  • Effects panel - add or remove vignetting.
  Click here for more information and to register. Click here for more information and to register.  

PhotoPills and The Photographer's Ephemeris

  PhotoPills TPE  
  • One 2-hour class (only $45).
  • Panels and navigation.
  • Set shooting location and shooting direction.
  • Using the Planner.
  • Using maps.
  • Search and save locations.
  • Undertanding sun and moon position.
  • Field of view.
  • Depth of Field.
  • Tips and tricks.
  • One 2-hour class (only $45).
  • Panels and navigation.
  • Set shooting location and shooting direction.
  • Understanding the event timeline.
  • Using maps.
  • Search and save locations.
  • Undertanding sun and moon position.
  • Using geodesics (line of sight).
  • Tips and tricks.
  Click here for more information and to register. Click here for more information and to register.  

TK9 Panels

About the classes:
  • Two classes (90 minutes each).
  • One-on-one sessions.
  • Class 1 - TK9 Intro and built-in actions
  • Class 2 - TK9 Luminosity Masks
  • ONLY $60!
Features of the TK9 panels:
  • Create pixel-based luminosity masks
  • Create color-based masks
  • Create vibrance and saturation-based masks
  • Modify the masks with several tools (levels, curves, expand, contract, boolean operations, etc.)
  • Output the masks as selections, masks applied directly to existing layers, dodge and burn layers, adjustment layers, etc.
  • Modify an existing mask through Layer Mask mode
  • Buttons for Photoshop adjustment layers
  • Buttons for useful actions (inverse, deselect, select & mask, hide selection, save selection, etc.)
  • Buttons for useful filters (Adobe Camera Raw, Gaussiuan blur, Content Aware Fill, etc.)
  • Buttons for layer blending modes
  • Buttons for paint brushes
  • Zoom control buttons (fit, 100%, zoom in, and zoom out)
  • Buttons to add new layer, copy/duplicate layer, convert layer to smart object, merge layers, delete layers, invert masks.
  • Built-in actions for stacking, aligning layers, the Orton Effect, clarity, Make-it-Glow, darks and lights triple play, much more.
  • Add your own user defined actions
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General Classes

  Have something else in mind? Below are some subjects designed to hone your photography skills, learn something new, expand your post processing skills, or just learn something new.  
  To sign up for a one or two hour session:
  1. Click one of the "Pay Now" buttons to the right.
  2. Once payment is received, you will be contacted to find out what subject(s) you're interested in.
  3. Together we will determine a time and date that best fits your schedule.
1 hour session ($40)

2 hour session (ONLY $70)

  Photography Post Processing
Click here to see before and after examples
  Basic Photography
  • Understanding exposure
  • How to achieve sharp focus
  • Composition basics
  • Choosing the right gear
Introduction to Lightroom
  • Importing and file organization
  • Develop Module basics
  • Exporting your images
  Advanced Photography
  • Mastering long exposures
  • Understanding depth of field
  • Advanced focus techniques
  • Using filters
  • Exposure setting for high dynamic scenes
  • Using aperture, shutter speed, manual, and bulb modes
Introduction to Photoshop
  • Integration with Lightroom
  • Creating and using layers, masks and selections
  • Custom workspaces
  Night Photography
  • Getting exposure right
  • Understanding the histogram
  • Focus techniques
  • Light trails
  • Zoom blur
  • Gear (tripods, lenses, etc.)
Advanced Lightroom
  • Keywording
  • Using presets to save time (import, develop and export presets)
  • The power of local adjustments
  • Sharpening and noise reduction
  • Lens corrections
  • Targeted Adjustment Tool
  • Color and luminance range masks
  The Photographer's Ephemeris
  • Powerful app for planning sun and moon light and direction
  • Using TPE maps
  • Finding and saving locations
  • Using Geodesics (line of sight)
  • Using Night Mode to plan Milky Way shoots
  • Much more
Advanced Photoshop
  • Creating, modifying and using selections
  • Non-destructive editing using layers
  • The immense power of luminosity masks
  • Paint with light and color
  • Smart objects
  • Channels - what are they used for?
  Photographing the Milky Way
  • Choosing the right gear (cameras, lenses, tripods, other)
  • Getting exposure right
  • How to set focus for tack sharp images
  • Composition
  • Post processing
Mastering the TK8 Panels in Photoshop
  • Luminosity masks
  • Zone masks
  • Rapid masks
  • Color masks
  • Infinity masks
  • Rapid mask modification tools
  • Actions
  • Creative actions
  • Using layer mask mode
  • Dodging and burning
  • Sharpening
  Your Choice
  • A subject not listed here
  • A combination of items listed here
  • You decide!
Exposure Blending in Photoshop
  • Exposure blending with one or two photos
  • Effective use of selections and masks
  • Use the Select and Mask tools to get your selections right
  • Blending modes
  • Smart Objects
  • Dodging and Burning
  • Luminosity masks
Why is one-on-one instruction better than classroom instruction?
  • The focus is entirely on you and your individual needs
  • You get to work on your own computer in a familiar setting
  • Less time is required than in a classroom setting
  • You receive training based on your schedule and needs...not someone else's
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